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Black Sprayer & Clear Bottle - 12pcs

Black Sprayer & Clear Bottle - 12pcs

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Elegant + Clean  clear 120ML glass bottle. Pair with a gorgeous Black Sprayer. Fill this glass bottle with your choice of room spray, deodorizer or perfume.  Available in Clear or Amber bottle, Aluminum sprayer with closure cap for sprayer

4 oz fill

Height: 5 inches with lid

Diameter: 2 inches

Circumference: 7 inches

Maximum label height is 3 inches

Product Info

Ingredients: Coconut Wax, lead Free Cotton Wicks, Phthalate Free, and Cruelty Free.

Shipping & Returns

Due to the nature of our products and the high order volume please allow 3 - 5 business days for fulfilment.  Please keep this in mind when placing an order for any special oassions and or events.

*No Refund. Store Credit Only* please see our Refund policy for further details


approximately 2.5 inches wide by 3.75 inches tall.

Candle Care Instructions

Place handmade candle on a heat resistance surface. 

Keep candle away from all objects, people, pets, wind drafts, etc.

Trim your wick to 1/4" 

Light your candle away from a draft

Each time you burn your candle ensure the wax gets a full melt all the way to the edge each time in order to have a clean, even burn.

Keep debris away from the wax pool.

Burn for up to 4 hours each time. 

Remember: Always burn your candle within sight and away from children and pets.

Let your candle cool completely before touching & moving it.

Next time you go to light your candle, be sure to trim your wick to 1/4"

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